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Hi, my name is KIA.


KIA is the most well known acronym for Killed in Action, which, for me, stands for strength, endurance and courage. I always knew I wanted to do something with the extended version of my name, and when I moved to Lisbon a few years back and noticed that none of my favorite lingerie brands existed there, the first stone was set.


I had lived in Berlin in my early twenties and was a regular costumer in many of the typical berliner underground clubs. In some of them, like XS or KitKat Club, you could only get in after stripping down to your underwear, so the question about what to wear under became a conscious question to me, and by the time I left Berlin behind a little lingering obsession for lingerie remained ...

That said, Killed in Action was brought to life to bring all my favorite designers to Portugal. 

What is Killed in Action?


Killed in Action is a niche lingerie store that was born out of the love for women. No, it’s not just the lingerie. Actually, it’s mainly the women. Our power, our strength, our struggles, our love and depth - our bodies, our soft skin and sensuous smell, our curves, the way we walk, the way we talk... we’re sure as hell aint easy but we’re so absolutely & magnificently & utterly wonderful it leaves me speechless. This is a store for women of all types and colors and backgrounds.

KIA is against the decay of valued craftmanship and hates to pay inflatuated prices for products made in countries where labor is cheap and the conditions are all but satisfying. This is why I only work together with designers from whom I know they either make the garments themselves or work together with small production lines, that pay fair wadges and keep the ecological footprint as short as possible.

Why buy at Killed in Action?


Because you deserve it! All brands at KIA are carefully curated having in mind the highest quality standards. Invest in your pleasure.

Because KIA only supports independent designers. Fashion starts here. Designers at KIA do not follow, they show the way. They do not copy, they create.

Because KIA is part of the #fashionrevolution and values TRANSPARENCY. Everything at KIA is lovingly handmade - little pieces of art that will make you feel even prettier than you already are. Locally produced, made by small run businesses. This guarantees not only  quality but also EQUALITY. This is how it should be. Le crème de la crème.