I love corsets! And I wanted to have a corseteriere at Killed in Action.

I am aware that this is not something easy to buy online, not only because of the cost but also because of the fitting. I can asure you that we will be there with & for you during all the bespoke experience and I know that Cristina from Hebi puts all her love and expertise into these breathtaking pieces. If you never held a real corset in your hand, the meticulous work, the attention to detail and also the weight (yes!) of these exquisite garments is truly impressive.

 Cristina says that "the main aim of Hebi Corsets is to make people happy. Corsets have the magical power of showing women another perspective on their bodies, magnifying their curves and creating breathtaking silhouettes (pun not intended, really). I've seen people convinced that they were "too fat to wear a corset", smiling with pure joy in front of the mirror when they tried one on." And this is what I love. Put it on and indulge in that feeling. Play. Desire.

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