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I cannot imagine a more difficult task than writing about La Fille d'O, the master of words among the lingerie designers. What is it that made La Fille d'O rise from brand to religion, from believe to achieve? The words, raw and true, were, for sure, part of this metamorfosis. The founder, Murielle Victorine Scherre, evokes the need to create something that speaks to a generation that was forgotten midst the overpaced photoshoped fashion world. The simplicity of the designs are combined with comfortable, durable and innovative materials. Like with all brands at Killed in Action, everything is handmade, locally sourced and produced. La Fille d'O is fairer than Fair Trade, La Fille d'O is not just a lingerie brand, it's a movement, it's a system-changer and we love them for that. Hail La Fille d'O!