Opaak is the first brand that was confirmed at Killed in Action, actually even before both Opaak or Killed in Action existed. A road, a path, maybe a coincidence brought us together and while dreaming about what we wanted to do, here we are now, both doing it. That is what I love about life. That it changes, and that we actually have the power to do so. What really made me curious about Opaaks concept was the use of recycled materials. I couldn't imagine the touch of recycled fabrics. Have you ever? If not, you should. Opaak creats longlasting, comfortable yet very feminine and modern lingerie. Opaak says about themselves that it "loves the magic of tension and we see beauty in the in-between. Confidence is beautiful in combination with sensitivity. Black unfolds in combination with White. Control fires up with instinct." Who said that we always have to be this or that? It is ok to be who ever and how ever we are. Without remorse. Opaak teaches us that.