Finally! A french lingerie brand! I mean, come on, what is a lingerie store without a french lingerie brand??

I met Paloma Casile in Paris earlier this year and was impressed by the outstanding quality of the lace and the very feminine designs. And, yes, you know me by now... I also fell in love with their imagery. Sensuality with a misterious darkness to it. You can find Paloma Casile "somewhere between traditional know-how and modern rock spirit", as they state about themselves. Each garment imagined, created and sewed with the help of a team of exceptional artisans in their atelier in Paris.

Indulge into the world of contemporary french lingerie, a dream made of exquisite chantilly lace and italian crepe. And one more thing: I absolutely love that they offer a big size range in order to adapt to all the various different body types and are truly commited to produce their collections with high-quality Oeko-Tex-Materials that are sourced from companies which value an human and fair conduct with their employees. This is what luxury is about, and this is what we have to value. Lingerie created in France, created to last.

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