• Kia

Quarantining ...

It's hard to believe what has happened in these last weeks, how things have changed - and also how we have adapted. This is the biggest challenge we are facing since WWII and we are sitting it out, literally and globally, in our homes. It's surreal. It's without precedents, it's unbelievable. But it is our new reality, our new life.

Some of you are quarantining all alone, others with your partners or families, some in lay-off, some of you are taking care of your children or managing work from home, many of you are struggling to survive over the next few months, some already lost their jobs, some are terrified because of the disease and its consequences, are afraid to get infected. Some of us know people who have had it, others have had it or have even lost someone due to Covid-19. One thing we all have in common: we want things to go back to normal again. And while we say these words we inevitably wonder if things will ever be normal again... what will change and what have we learned from all of this?