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My first striptease

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

I don’t know about you but I love it when someone defies me. I’ve always been competitive and when someone asks or tells me to do something I have never done before, my inner beast awakens and I feel a tiny little rush of ecstatic adrenalin racing through my veins and nerves. My brain tingles, playing with the projection of what may happen and my heart beats faster just because of the mere thought of it.

I remember the first time a man asked me if I’d do a strip tease for him. Oh dear. I’ve always loved music and I feel comfortable with my body and love to move, but I am definitely not a dancer and I had never done a strip tease before. I loved the idea just as much as it frightened me, and, of course, I decided to go for it. In my mind, memories of american biker movies with red lighted strippers began flickering alongside with images of Salma Hayeks titty twister and Kim Basinger in 9 1/2 weeks… I wanted to make him drool and leave him begging for more, I wanted this to be an unforgettable moment and I was challenged by the idea of getting rid of all the typical thoughts regarding my amateur performance and his expectations - and my deepest desire of wanting it not to feel awkward or silly.

But how? Of course, the imagination of how it would be began to haunt me and I decided to do my homework. I tend to be a non-compulsive perfectionist, and I wanted to rehearse at least two songs in order to feel safe and confident, and then just see where it would take us...

My first step was to choose the songs. Music says it all. What kind of rhythm and voices and style you choose will determine how you move. Choose something with which you can feel comfortable. I would’t want to choose fast songs if you are not an avid dancer. Or start with a medium song and then switch to a slow song, or the other way around, depending on what kind of energy you want to release and project.

And then I decided what to wear. Remember it's a strip tease, so you should wear something that you can easily (and elegantly) take off and still have something teasingly sexy underneath. Also avoid putting on too much stuff, you wouldn’t want to look like an onion. I wore a light dress, because I felt more comfortable with the idea of lifting it on my bum, teaasing, while showing my back, or by seductively letting one of the shoulders fall of while looking him in the eyes... I tried not to reveal anything of the lingerie I was wearing underneath, because that - obviously! - was my personal highlight of this endeavour. This first try was a few years back and my lingerie collection still consisted mainly of no-name brands, but I actually did something similiar recently and after trying on many different sets, I ultimately chose this set:

Dark Lands Bra from la fille d'O - because it makes my boobs look amazing, it magically slims my non existing waist, it has three huge and easy to open hooks in the back, which I opened facing backwards to him, and also because it is an ouvert and I could combine it with luxurious nipple pasties that stayed on a little longer after the bra was already thrown in a corner...

Nipple Pasties from Fräulein Kink - I chose the chain pasties because I like the effect of the chains dancing around. I even rehearsed the famous nipple pasties twirl, and although I manage to do it, I still put on such a serious face while very much non-symetric twirling that I decided to leave it be ;)

• Because the Dark Lands Bra goes so deep in your waist, more like a bustier, it looked too full to wear a high-waisted Suspender, therefore I decided to use a brief with integrated suspenders and decided to go with the Tomoe Harness Brief and black stockings. Alternatively, if you prefer hold-ups, I would go for the Bondage Belle Peep Brief from Bordelle as it has the most sensual Brief back ever, revealing just enough to make his imagination run wild.

I remember, at my first time I wore hold-up stockings (which were the last to take off) and I also used a scarf in the beginning, just to play with it, to hold on to basically - but both really helped to integrate some playfull moves that didn't require much preparation.

When you take off the stockings, put your foot on the chair, in between his legs and slowly pull the stockings down - I put on heels in the beginning, but because I was not very used to heels I took them off relatively quickly because I wanted to move freely. Don't wear something you do not feel comfortable in, or something that makes you feel insecure - Your outfit, just as much as the make up, the light, the location and the music can and should actually be used as instruments to make you feel more secure, and, in fact, I realized that for the lucky striptease-receiver it’s beautiful and exciting enough if you show him that you want him by creating a special moment, by moving slowly and going up and down with your hands on your body, make him look at you, make him want you, you don't need to be a professional dancer or have a perfect body - your desire is so much more than all of that. We tend to have the idea that we have to do so much, but I realised that the idea of the strip tease is more frightning than the actual act, and believe me, he is not looking and smiling at you because you look funny or move awkward, he his looking at you, eating you up, drooling, he can't even believe his own luck and loves to see how commited you are to the idea of seducing him...

And what I also really think is important is the look. Look him in the eyes and you'll not even need words to say anything - your look will say it all. Alternatively, don't look him in the eyes at all. Both these simple actions have a huge effect, trust me!

And then, if you feel you need to (I did!) - rehearse. Look for some basic moves (yes, there are some tutorials on you tube) and try to integrate them into a natural looking routine. For me, the most difficult part is not dancing or moving, for me its difficult not to giggle. Of course you can laugh and have fun, but to really get into that sexy feeling and to maintain the ambiance of seduction, you have to look him in the eye and don’t giggle too much. Be confident and show confidence and emane sexiness. And if you start laughing and feel you can't control it, walk behind him and start kissing his neck or touching his hair so you can get into the feeling again. But well, maybe that’s just me :)

- The most important part is to have fun! And even if you start giggling or you accidentaly fall on your bum or whatever, use the moment and use the energy to experience something new. My first experience for sure did not go exactly as planned, but we nevertheless had an unforgetable time and had some very intense hours after that :)

Have you ever done a strip tease for anyone, or are you thinking about doing one? Let me know your thoughts, or just tell me how it went.

Kia x

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