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Updated: Jan 4, 2020

I have been thinking a lot about what to write in this blog and how to find my right voice. I thought about creating a theme orientated blog - of course - knickers here, orgasm trick there, emancipation over there - this would allow me to maintain my private life private, and I even considered building a persona around me, like an undercover journalist, Miss K. or just K. I could then write about erotic adventures or lingerie related curiosities, without having them tracked back to me directly or write about themes that I would research before comparing and summarizing them for you, and then, for sure, some of you would comment, oppose or applaud, and an enlightening debate would emerge.

I admit, it doesn’t sound that bad, but I am a bit concerned that it would sound to pressured, not like myself at all. I dont know if this is strange, but I really do not want to sound moralizing, I didn't eat the wisdom (as you'd say in german) and I do not want to teach you anything. I can just share the things I have experienced and learned on the way, and what anecdotes occurred, what changes I went through. I know in my heart that I write best when I write from the inside, about what goes on in my mind, about life, my thoughts, my dreams, my fears. So, what you’ll read here is like a fragmented window to my soul. It’s not solely dedicated to lingerie - it’s just me, being me. Which of course also includes me talking about lingerie, but also about life, sex, love, life again - you know, the things that make my (the?) world go round ;)

Additionally, I am not the kind of person who normally would present her life and her inner self to an unknown audience. Don’t get me wrong, I am not shy, not at all - but I was born in 1980. Who of you was born in the eighties or seventies? I grew up without internet and without a phone, so a part of me is still a bit hesitant when it comes to leaving a personal, non-deletable and openly shareable digital footprint behind me. That's also one of the reasons I usually do not post pictures of myself. But I have always loved writing, and I love words, meanings and language, so this is a natural step that I secretly have been flirting with a lot, and I feel like I have to stop thinking about it and just do it, see where it goes.

So, let me start by telling you how I got here and why I am doing this. For those of you who do not know me: my name is Kia. Hi :)

You are probably reading this because you know/like or follow Killed in Action. Killed in Action is the store I launched 18 months ago, and has been, since then, like a baby to me. A toddler, really. I have to hold it, and cuddle it, and nurse it, and wipe it - all day long :) The store is called Killed in Action because of my name. KIA is a term used in war jargon, and, when ever I introduce myself to someone, if they do not say „Oh, like the car!“ They say „Oh, like K.I.A.“ - I know it's a rough name, I even got turned down because of it, some people find it offensive and do not want me to promote the brand because of it, but it is just so intrinsically bound to my inner self, that I always knew that I would do something with that name. It could have been a Muay Thai Gym, but well… things do not always go as planned, right?

(I actually do not plan so much. Or do I…? (small excursus: I just paused for an instant to think about this, because it seems like my thoughts are contradicting themselves. Because, in fact, I love to plan. I love to plan the next 5 weekend trips, I love to plan all my next plans, I love to think about everything that still requires planning… but, bottom line, if those plans do not work out, I just change course and change plans. So… I guess I could say, I love to plan, but I do not piously commit to them or feel disappointed if they do not work out. Of course, some plans are stronger prioritized than others, and some of them are even considered as very, very, very important - so important, that most, most likely I will do almost anything to make them come true. Just as it happened with Killed in Action)

I remember, just a few years ago, maybe 3-4 years ago, I had a list hanging near my desk with ideas/plans. Just a basic list. What I most remember is that Killed in Action was the last thing on that list. And now look at me, loosing my blog virginity to give life to the last on the list. Life never seizes to surprise me :) Funny fact is that I don't even remember what other things I had on that list.

As a lingerie lover and an adventurous being, I then scanned the portuguese market and saw that none of my favorite lingerie designers existed here. I just couldn't believe it ... and I had to go for it. I am currently the only store in Portugal in which you can buy Bordelle, The Model Traitor, ELF Zhou London, Murmur or la fille d'O - some of my favorite designers ever!! Now, looking back, I smile. The portuguese market is still very shy regarding this kind of content and product and most of my customers come from the US. And although I wrote the business plan explicitly for women and all the designers at KIA are women, I am delighted to see how many men spoil their loved ones with lingerie gifts! My heart melts every time (feminists will probably hate me right now), I just can't help myself! I'd love to get beautiful lingerie wrapped in a beautiful box, which unravels a mysterious scent of the most addictive perfume when you open it. Yes, I actually never ever got a lingerie giftbox.. sad, isn't it?! haha - but well, that's also a reason why I opened the store. Now I don't have to wait for anyone to give me the lingerie that I so much want!

KIA is now 18 months old and just learned how to walk, and will soon start to talk... This is probably a lame metaphor ( I am a triple mum, sorry for that!) but it is true. I am planning some new ideas and new products which will shape the stores identity and, in a way, arm it with a new voice.

I think this is enough for now - for this first post. Let me know if you liked to read this, if I should go on, what you'd like to read about and if you have questions, just ask.

Wishing you all an amazing start in the new year! 2020 is going to rock, I am sure!

With love,

Kia x

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