Sofía Luzón is an impressive and very promising lingerie label, based in Sweden. The founder, Sofía, was born in Spain and has a background in Art History. I think you can actually feel the deeply connected and romantic ambiance in her style. I immediately fell in love with her unique pieces, not just because of the enchanting details but also because of the exquisite craftmanship and the use of extremly well chosen and high qualitative materials.


Sofía says about herself, that "lingerie has always appealed to me, both from the designer and the wearer perspective. The intricacy of the fabrics and the exquisite craftsmanship that are required to produce a luxury piece of lingerie reminds me to the work of the finest artists. So, after finishing a degree in Art History, I decided to continue my studies in pattern making, specializing in lingerie and corsetry." 

Each piece is handmade in Stockholm, Sweden, using carefully selected fabrics.

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