I met Sian Hoffmann, the designer and founder of The Model Traitor, on a short trip to London. We met in a sumptuous Hotel Lounge. Around us, business men and older ladies enjoying tea time. Sian appeared, light and lovely, and while both of us admired the to perfection handcrafted Posture Collars, Playsuits, Leather Handcuffs and other beautiful items, the air in the Hotel Lounge seemd to heat up and I swear it felt like it was magically crackling. I loved it, and I was absolutely in love with everything Sian showed me. Blurring the lines between fashion and fetishism, The Model Traitor is a celebration of exclusivity: exquisite designs of sublime intricacy but most of all the free-thinking ideology that inspires exploration of erotica and sensual empowerment.