YOUNG designers

Since the beginning of KIA I played with the idea of a lingerie community, much more than a store. I didn't only want to focus on the profit and the margins. I dreamt of promoting my favorite and most unique lingerie designs and my favorite and most unique lingerie designers - I dreamt of connecting experiences.


While scrolling through instagram I see so many talented young lingerie designers. Creative fighters inmidst this ruthless world wide web world. And I want to show them to the world, to you. I do not only want to promote established and well known designers, I want to bring together a melange of high quality expertise and naive & visionary utopian craftmanship. It's when people believe that they make the most extraordinary things, and I believe in them.


All the designers in this section are extraordinary 1-woman-businesses. They invision, design, cut and sew - all by themselves. They put their heart & soul in to their product - and I chose the designers that will both deliver the most unique styles and outstanding quality. All the items in this section are made to order, so you can basically order any size, the items will be made specially for you. And, besides that, you'll be supporting a young womans dream.


If you know any young lingerie designers that you think matches the KIA style, feel free to contact me.

With love,

Kia x